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New Mental Health Facility for Broken Hill July 2023

7 July 2023 Plans unveiled for new Broken Hill Mental Health Facility   The Minister for Mental Health, Rose Jackson, has unveiled plans for a new Acute Mental Health Inpatient Unit “which will provide a...
9 July, 2023
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Wee Waa High School Health Report Released 5 July 2023

5 July 2023   Report on Health Problems at Wee Waa High School   Today the NSW Government made public a report into recurrent health problems at Wee Waa High School over at least the...
6 July, 2023
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Workforce Shortages policy 2023 media release

March 16 2023 Regional NSW Workforce Policy   Labour shortages across the Barwon electorate affect all industries and communities. While Barwon is not the only electorate faced with this issue of attracting and retaining workers for...
16 March, 2023
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Call for Barwon Woman of the Year 2023 nominations

Call for nominations for 2023 Barwon Woman of the Year Nominations Close on January 29   Every day across the electorate of Barwon there are amazing women doing great things for their community or more...
18 January, 2023
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Community Building Partnership Program

FUNDING ANNOUNCED - 2022 COMMUNITY BUILDING PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM   The electorate of Barwon has today secured $399,296 in funding for a total of 22 projects through the NSW Government’s 2022 Community Building Partnership Program. Member...
6 December, 2022
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Butler to introduce bill aimed at government grant transparency

Member for Barwon Roy Butler will this week introduce legislation to the NSW Parliament aimed at curbing the misuse of government grants by the current Government – or any government. This Bill follows months of...
8 November, 2021
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Vaccine mandate Government’s problem to enforce not local business’

Member for Barwon Roy Butler has expressed his anger at the NSW Government’s decision to force vaccine compliance on local businesses under the threat of thousands of dollars in fines. “It’s an unacceptable burden to...
6 October, 2021
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Far West Gas snuffed out, majority of zombie PELs extinguished, a win for the people – but more to be done

Following months of appeal by the community and his office to the NSW Government Member for Barwon Roy Butler has today welcomed the news that Far West gas exploration is off the table. This announcement...
21 July, 2021
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NSW Budget – over $740 million for Barwon

This week the NSW Treasurer delivered the 2021-22 NSW Budget and overall I think it’s another good budget for the Barwon electorate. This year there is $740 million in electorate specific funding, many of the...
23 June, 2021
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