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Local Government Elections postponed until December

On Sunday (25 July) the NSW Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock postponed the Local Government Elections set...
25 July, 2021
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New base stations in Barwon - a start

In 2019, my team and I began working on getting better connectivity to our region. These issues continue...
23 July, 2021
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Voluntary Assisted Dying in NSW - I want to hear from you

Later on this year a bill on Voluntary Assisted Dying will come to the NSW Parliament. I have my...
22 July, 2021
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Far West Gas snuffed out, majority of zombie PELs extinguished, a win for the people – but more to be done

Following months of appeal by the community and his office to the NSW Government Member for Barwon Roy...
21 July, 2021
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Private Members Statement - Teacher shortage crisis

Tonight I will read part of a letter I received from Denis Harvey, a research agronomist, father, and proud and...
28 June, 2021
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