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Butler secures funding for Social Housing

One of the ways that I have to highlight the issues in Barwon is to ask the Government,...
20 November, 2020
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NSW Government doesn’t care about public sector jobs for the bush

"Today the NSW Liberal-National Government showed that it doesn’t care about returning Public Sector job opportunities to the...
19 November, 2020
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Police given more power to crack down on drug dealers

This week the Parliament granted new powers to the Police to crack down on drug dealers and manufacturers....
18 November, 2020
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Budget money allocated to Barwon must be spent in Barwon

Member for Barwon Roy Butler has described the budget spend in his electorate as ‘big spending on essentials’....
17 November, 2020
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Locals die on country roads – drive so others survive

Member for Barwon Roy Butler is calling on all road users in Barwon to take action and ‘pledge...
16 November, 2020
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