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SFF blocks Public Sector wage freeze

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Upper House Members worked to block a wage freeze for Public Sector...
3 June, 2020
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It's Only Just Begun

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party have been told by Treasurer DominicĀ PerrottetĀ that the proposed public sector wage freeze...
28 May, 2020
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Health concerns in the West make front-page news

Together with Cobar locals, I have been working on a number of stories with the Sydney Morning Herald...
25 May, 2020
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Local Government Elections must go on

A number of people have contacted me across the vast Barwon Electorate who hold concerns that five years...
20 May, 2020
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Update on the closure of the Ivanhoe Correctional Centre

Corrective Services NSW has brought forward the last inmate date for Ivanhoe to 10 June 2020. Corrective Services...
19 May, 2020
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