Reliable energy on the way for Tibooburra, Ivanhoe, Packsaddle and Milparinka

7 February, 2024
Reliable energy on the way for Tibooburra, Ivanhoe, Packsaddle and Milparinka Image


Tibooburra, Ivanhoe, Packsaddle and Milparinka will soon have a more reliable power supply as Essential Energy begins significant reviews of the electricity network and offers network-connected generators and alternative battery solutions for more reliable power supply.

“This has been a long time coming for these communities, who are regularly experiencing power outages due to weather events,” said Mr Butler.

“My team and Essential Energy have been working together to deliver a more resilient network, and today, I am pleased to announce the work is underway,” said Mr Butler.

The upgrades will be completed in successive phases. Phase one involves the installation of network-connected generators, which will operate during a network outage, rapidly restoring supply to customers in the township areas of Ivanhoe and Tibooburra.  

For Ivanhoe, permanent generators have already been installed and will soon get larger fuel tanks to extend operation time as well as the ability to operate automatically in the event of an outage. These upgrades are expected to be completed in June 2024. In Tibooburra, a generator will be installed that can be operated rapidly during unplanned outages.

Later phases, due to be in place in June 2025, will include more long-term sustainable solutions for customers, such as the installation of batteries and opportunities for customers to increase the return on their investment in solar, which will work together with the generation, forming a microgrid network. 

Alternative battery solutions are currently being planned for Packsaddle and Milparinka.  

Essential Energy’s Chief Operating Officer, Luke Jenner, says this summer’s storm season has seen extreme events resulting in extended unplanned power outages for customers in Ivanhoe and Tibooburra. 

“Essential Energy has a dedicated team whose priority is to improve the reliability of electricity and reduce the impact of unplanned power outages for our customers. We are focusing on upgrading the permanent generators as soon as possible,” Luke said.

Mr Butler and Essential Energy thank the community for their ongoing understanding and want to assure them that their feedback is valued.

Media- Essential Energy Sarah Johnston 0460 821 311    Roy Butler, MP Holli Thomas 0448 092 930

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