Wee Waa High School Health Report Released 5 July 2023

6 July, 2023
Wee Waa High School Health Report Released 5 July 2023 Image

5 July 2023


Report on Health Problems at Wee Waa High School


Today the NSW Government made public a report into recurrent health problems at Wee Waa High School over at least the last five years but, questions remain over when the issue of mould and its impacts on health first became known 

The report says 2018 and perhaps earlier, in a meeting with parents two years ago it was clear that students were warned as early as 2012 that they should stay away from some areas of the school due to health concerns regarding mould

These problems were reported to my electoral office in Narrabri and I pushed for an inquiry into the possible causes. An investigation was commissioned in 2021 and the report finalised in February/March of 2022.

I have made several requests for the findings of that investigation to be made available. In May I asked a Question on Notice of the new Deputy Premier and Education Minister about whether she had seen the report and when it would be made public.

The answer to that question was due today and the Government has now made the report “Wee Waa High School – Public Health Investigation” available.

The report shows that the symptoms displayed by students and staff – including headaches, rashes, itchy eyes, sinus congestion, respiratory problems and trouble sleeping – persisted mostly during times of significant rain events, which caused a build-up of mould. The mould build-up was exacerbated by the damp caused by Wee Waa’s position on a flood plain, poor water drainage, and excess stormwater and plumbing problems in the school.

The report recommends that the new high school being built needs to be better designed to deal with damp conditions and that the design should done in consultation with the Wee Waa Community. I welcome the release and will pursue the question of why the delay in "official knowledge" and who may have been harmed due to the delay 


Roy Butler,

Member for Barwon


Media enquiries: Troy Lennon 0447 381 148


For the full report go to Public_Health_Investigation_Report_-_2021.pdf ( and click on the "Library" tab

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