Locals die on country roads – drive so others survive

16 November, 2020
Locals die on country roads – drive so others survive Image

Member for Barwon Roy Butler is calling on all road users in Barwon to take action and ‘pledge to drive so others survive’ this Road Safety Week.

“Across the electorate last year 249 people were injured in crashes on our roads and tragically 15 lost their lives – that’s 15 families who’s loved one isn’t coming home,” said Mr Butler.

“These numbers represent someone’s future taken away. A person not coming into work the next day, someone no longer at footy training, no longer there for the big occasions – the loss is felt for years, it’s absolutely devastating for the community.

“As a member of the NSW Parliamentary road safety committee Stay Safe, we’re working hard to come up with ways to reduce death and injuries on our roads. But at the end of the day this problem can’t be fixed by a committee alone it comes down to our own behaviour.

“Each and every one of us who hops behind the wheel of a car, truck or bus, or swings a leg over a motorbike has an important role to play in ensuring everyone on our roads gets home safely to our loved ones.

“Despite our small population in the country two thirds of road fatalities in NSW happen on our roads, and these fatalities aren’t tourists – 70% of these crashes involve country people.

“Locals are dying on our roads. This National Road Safety Week, together with my Parliamentary colleagues across the country, I’m calling on all road users to take the pledge to drive so others survive.

“Drive as if your loved ones are on the road, drive without distraction, pledge to not take risks like speeding or driving while tired, and drive to protect road maintenance workers by slowing down and giving space.”

You can take the National Road Safety Week pledge online at

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