Government votes against providing real drought support

21 August, 2019
Government votes against providing real drought support Image

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party put on the table in Parliament a drought package that would provide real support to farmers and farming communities, disappointingly the Government voted against supporting them.

The SFF drought package includes immediate cash grants, to allow creditors to be paid, cash rebates for local government rates, transitioning legacy loans to zero or low interest loans, the establishment of a re-sowing and re-stocking grant and providing financial support for employers to retain employees on farm and in local businesses.

These policies have been developed with farmers, communities, councils and peak bodies including NSW Farmers and Country Women’s Association.

“This is about helping people in the drought-affected reaches of NSW that are facing the fight of their lives. A fight to keep their farms and businesses going, and their families together,” said Member for Barwon Roy Butler.

“These measures would provide immediate assistance to drought-affected communities.

“What I have heard loud and clear is that the Government’s current offering of loans – which equals more debt – isn’t good enough and will actually bring more harm,” said Mr Butler.

“They have been out to my electorate; they have seen how bad it is. And yet they have chosen to vote against providing the type of support these farmers, these communities are calling out for.”

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