Butler dismayed at Government’s plan to open up the far west to gas exploration

16 February, 2021
Butler dismayed at Government’s plan to open up the far west to gas exploration Image

Member for Barwon Roy Butler is extremely concerned about the NSW Government’s exploration of large parts of the far west for conventional and unconventional tight gas exploration.

“The move by the NSW Government through the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to put water resources at risk by investigating the release of land for conventional and tight gas resources around Hillston, Cobar, Wilcannia, Ivanhoe and Broken Hill does not have my support,” said Mr Butler

“I do not support any extractive industry that puts our ground and surface water at risk, and opening up this land for gas would do just that.

“Frankly I am disgusted at the manner in which the Government has chosen to announce this exploration, by stealth, with the community only able to have their say if they’re registered to do so.

“Water is our most precious resource, everyone deserves to be able to have their say on development that will put this resource at risk.

“The Government should be transparent on these issues, the fact that they have buried this consultation process shows that they already know there will be huge community opposition to this type of industry in the far west.

“Tight gas is hard to access, in order to obtain it gas companies would need to use hydraulic fracturing or fracking – this process can poison groundwater, pollute surface water, impair natural habitat, threaten wildlife and destroy agricultural land.

“In the far west we are still very much in drought, our water resources are still limited, and our communities still sit on a knife edge when it comes to access to safe, clean drinking water.

“I have written to the Planning Minister and Minister for Regional NSW expressing in the strongest terms my opposition to this project and the way the public consultation is being conducted, my communities deserve to be treated much better than they have been by this Government.”

At present to be involved in this engagement process you will first need to register your interest by Wednesday 17th February. You can register by emailing [email protected] or by calling 02 9274 6164. The Department will communicate directly with registered stakeholders to obtain feedback on potential opportunities and constraints.

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