$11.9 million in funding welcome but Government must cough up the rest

14 January, 2021
$11.9 million in funding welcome but Government must cough up the rest Image

Member for Barwon Roy Butler has welcomed $11.9 million in funding across the electorate from the Resources for Regions program but says the NSW Government must stop holding back millions of dollars.

“Under Round 7 of Resources for Regions 11 projects in mining communities across the electorate have been funded to the tune of $11.9 million, including projects in Nyngan, Cobar, Broken Hill and Narrabri.

“Any funding into our communities is always welcomed, you’ll never hear me speak negatively about any Government funding for projects in our towns, but I will not back down from calling out the NSW Government when they leave my communities short changed.

“The NSW Government has admitted that they have chronically underspent the Resources for Regions funding. Funding that is supposed to go back to mining communities – communities that contribute a significant amount of money to the NSW economy,” said Mr Butler.

“In the last round of the Resources for Regions funding $24 million was left unallocated, in rounds prior to that millions more were left unspent. Now imagine the benefit this funding could have had in our communities. We’ve been in the grips of terrible drought, our communities are searching for vital funding and yet the Government sits on millions of dollars that these communities rightfully deserve.

“The NSW Government receives $2 billion in annual royalties from mining activities across the State, all I am asking for is that the Government honour its commitment to allocating the total dollar amount of the annual allocation from the Resources for Regions program.

“Go into any mining community and you’ll find projects that desperately need funding – there really is no excuse.”

Resources for Regions - Round 7 - Barwon

Project Title

Brief Project Description

Total Government Funding

Bogan Shire Youth and Community Centre Additions

This project achieves an extension to the sports hall of the Bogan Shire Youth and Community Centre as well as additional works to the Centre to enhance functionality and attractiveness for our community.

It also includes outdoor landscaping, fencing and playground equipment.


Nyngan Railway Heritage Tourism Project

This project involves renovations and improvements to items of interest to railway and heritage tourists in Nyngan’s CBD including the Nyngan Museum, Railway Footbridge, viewing platform for Railway Turntable and Mid-State Shearing Shed Museum, Teamsters Rest and Flood Memorial areas.


Nyngan Airport Improvements

The resealing of the 1600m main airstrip and apron area with 10mm aggregate, purchase and installation of aviation re-fuelling tanks, and the renewal of perimeter fencing at Nyngan Airport.

The project is partially funded to the extent of $147,841 by a grant from the Commonwealth (for the resealing and remarking component only) but cannot proceed and realise its full potential without funding from this grant.


Bogan Shire Youth Programs

This project will see a formal program implemented at the Bogan Shire Youth and Community Centre for just over two and a half years. It will include the employment of a Youth Worker from March 2021 until December 2023 and the resources needed to design and facilitate a 30 month program.


Bogan Shire Council Housing

The construction of two three-bedroom units in Nyngan for the use of doctors and other key professionals employed by the Bogan Shire Council.  Council owns and operates the Bogan Shire Medical Centre.


Nyngan Davidson Park Upgrade

The Davidson Park project includes the renovation of an existing toilet block, demolition of old playground, new pathways, seating and fencing and the renovation of the former Country Woman’s Association (CWA) Hall to repurpose it as a visitor centre and art gallery. The construction of a mural wall.


Upgrade E.P. Norm Fox Oval and O'Neill Park Sport Precinct - Stage One

The Broken Hill O’Neill Sporting Complex is situated in the centre of Broken Hill and is the City’s multi-purpose outdoor sporting venue. This project seeks to upgrade the main oval (Norm Fox) with new turf, watering systems, synthetic pitch and training nets for cricket and facilities for soccer and rugby league. This project also upgrades the facility's netball courts.


Business Case for the Upgrading of Ageing Infrastructure at Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool

To undertake a Business Case study for the purpose to support future funding applications for the   Upgrade of Ageing Infrastructure at Cobar Memorial Swimming Pool. This business case study will include accessibility, kiosk area, toilet/ shower facilitates, onsite storage, roofing and an old run down Swimming Club House that needs restoration.


Cobar Water Reticulation Upgrade - Stage 2

To improve water security and water quality within the Cobar township, currently pipes are in a state of despair which is affecting the towns’ water supply and quality, to a point where it is unusable and undrinkable.


Cobar Industrial Estate Road and Storm water Upgrades

Cobar Shire Council propose to upgrade the roads and storm water infrastructure in the current industrial estate, which will impact the productivity of the area and usage of a number of businesses and their clientele.


Boston Street Bridge Replacement

Narrabri Shire Council intends to replace Boston Street Bridge, which is an aged, single lane timber bridge, with a dual lane concrete structure. Installation of a dual lane bridge will improve traffic flow, allow wide and high loads as well as High Productivity Vehicles (HPV’s) and High Mass Limit (HML) vehicles to cross the bridge. Bridge replacement will shorten travel distance of freight, heavy and wide loads, and mine employees, as well as increase safety. Bridge replacement will result in a modern structure that has an extended life span and decreased maintenance expenses.


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