Which level of Government?

In Australia, there are three levels of government – Local, State and Federal. Each level of government is responsible for delivering specific services to the community. If you’re unsure which level of government is responsible for addressing any issue you have, please contact my office and they can direct you to the right place.

Local Government

Local Government responsibilities include: local road maintenance, garbage collection, building regulations and land subdivisions, public health and recreation facilities such as swimming pools.

It’s best to contact your local Council directly if you have a problem that falls into these areas of responsibility.

State Government

State Government responsibilities include: justice, consumer affairs, health, education, forestry, public transport, main roads.

If your problem falls into one of the categories above I may be able to help by seeking information and making representations to the relevant Minister.

Please contact my office for assistance.


Federal Government

Federal Government responsibilities include: veterans affairs, immigration, telecommunications, aged care, national highway, Centrelink, taxation, trade, Medicare, foreign affairs, aviation and shipping, higher education, child support and defence.

If your concerns relate to one of these issues, you should contact your Federal Member. If you live in the Barwon Electorate your Federal Member is Mark Coulton MP.

Mark can be contacted using the following details:

Mr Mark Coulton MP
Federal Member for Parkes
Phone: (02) 6882 0999
Fax: (02) 6882 9935
Email: [email protected]