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The NSW Government, through my office can provide New South Wales State Flags, free of charge, to recognised youth associations, and selected non-profit, charitable and community groups. In order to be eligible, the recipient organisation must have access to facilities which permit the proper flying or display of the flag on a regular basis.


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  • Leona Markham
    commented 2023-11-28 11:05:28 +1100
    The flag is for Meadow Flat Public School. I tried through our local MP and through our department (of education) but no one seemed to know how to organise one. We would like the students to become more aware of icons such as our State Flag. We have 3 flag poles at the school already to fly our State, Country and Aboriginal flags. Thank you.
  • Rya Knox
    followed this page 2023-11-03 19:28:08 +1100
  • Rya Knox
    commented 2023-11-03 19:27:53 +1100
    to show my culture and
  • Lily Guthrie
    commented 2023-07-16 09:17:34 +1000
    Going overseas
  • Shanaha Douglas
    commented 2023-07-10 21:37:53 +1000
    I would love an Aboriginal flag as I am Aboriginal and very proud. Id like to put this flag up to represent my culture and ansestors ❤️
  • Jessica Sulter
    commented 2023-04-21 09:27:58 +1000
    For display in my 100% self funded indigenous cafe in Coonabarabran
  • Janelle Quilter
    commented 2023-04-20 09:42:58 +1000
    My husband and I own a little caravan park in Tooraweenah, we usually fly the Australian flag but ours is damaged. We regularly have Veterans and older Australians stay with us, they like the fact that we fly the flag.
  • Breanna Anderson
    commented 2023-03-21 12:05:41 +1100
    we need 3 new flags for our school
  • Kellylee Dunn
    commented 2023-03-13 12:32:59 +1100
    I am currently working in the Role of Senior Administration across Tottenham, Tullamore and Trundle Multi-Purpose Facilities. (Hospitals).

    I am an ex-serving RAAF member and take much pride in having the flags displayed. I have previously ordered and paid for 6 flags

    (1 x Australian and 1 x Indigenous flag for each facility). These are now very weathered and worn and need replacing. I was hoping we may be able to get 3 new sets to display with pride at our facilities.

    Kindest regards

    Kellylee Dunn
  • Nioka Chapman
    followed this page 2023-01-05 08:10:34 +1100
  • Nioka Chapman
    commented 2023-01-05 08:10:06 +1100
    I volunteer with the young ones in the community and would love to be able to recognise aswell as acknowledge out past present and future Aboriginal generations out of respect
  • Michael White
    commented 2022-09-08 22:06:10 +1000
    The Coolah Mens Shed Inc

    I am the Charity Officer
  • Shirley Marks
    commented 2021-08-03 15:36:35 +1000
    Gilgandra Museum & Historical Society Inc has a flagpole at the front of its Gilgandra Museum (formerly known as Rural Museum) and wishes to acquire a flag to there. Many thanks for your consideration.
  • Noelene Walsh
    commented 2021-07-13 10:21:53 +1000
    Hi Roy

    Our school (Girilambone Public School) requires an Australian Flag and an Aboriginal Flag to go on our new flag poles. Could you please advise if you are able to supply both of these or whom I need to contact.

    With thanks

    Noelene Walsh

    School Administrative Manager

    Girilambone Public school

    02 6833 1039
  • Lesley Baker
    commented 2021-03-04 12:22:35 +1100
    The Sheepyard & Community War Memorial flies the Australian, Aboriginal and New South Wales flags at it’s cenotaph.

    They need replacing regularly due to our harsh climate.
  • Tiffany Winters
    commented 2020-06-30 13:45:47 +1000
    Our flag has been damaged and unable to use.
  • Ryan TestLive
    commented 2019-11-12 11:46:04 +1100
    An event I am running