Tracking water to Menindee

19 April, 2021
Tracking water to Menindee  Image

The amount of water getting to Menindee should significantly exceed the current 650GL estimate.

I have repeatedly raised with the Minister the need to use this water to fill the Menindee Lakes. In person as recently as Thursday in Gulargambone, in Parliament and in formal correspondence.

For all the reasons we know, tourism, aboriginal culture, agriculture, domestic needs, protection of the Lower Darling and the environment - this water needs to go towards filling the Lakes.

With around 15GL passing Wilcannia today and we will see that number increase, a decision is imminent on how to manage the Menindee inflows.

We don’t want to see a repeat of 2016/17 when water was quickly drained from Menindee leaving the Lakes dry and the Lower Darling vulnerable.

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