The latest on mobile and digital connectivity

22 March, 2021
The latest on mobile and digital connectivity Image

Digital Connectivity in the Barwon electorate is vital for business, education and safety. The NSW Government has committed $400 million as part of its election campaign – we’re two years into this Government and they’ve spent less than 10% of the money they’ve put on the table.

Recently the Government has responded to my calls for better connectivity in the Barwon electorate. But their comments show they just don’t get it – Barwon is over 356,000 square kilometres – they’ve put in six new towers that has improved connectivity in just over 3,000 square kilometres.

The six towers represents a 0.84% improvement in the areas with coverage in Barwon.

While any improvement is welcome, the pile of money earmarked for connectivity needs to be turned into a tangible difference for people in the bush.

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