Mice plague rebate falls short of community expectations

27 May, 2021
Mice plague rebate falls short of community expectations Image

It was a break through moment earlier this month when the NSW Government finally admitted we’re in the middle of a mice plague and they should provide assistance – then the details came through.

Households and businesses could claim rebates for baits purchased, but only if you kept your receipt, and you made the purchase after the 13 May, and then you’d need to wait until July to make the claim. The NSW Government have now backed away from that position.

Due to intense lobbying from the community the Government have been forced to back date the eligibility to 1 February 2021, frustratingly you will still need receipts to make a claim. I have been advocating for the NSW Government to just provide the $500 or $1000 to all households and businesses in designated areas, which the Government has the capacity to do and has done previously in flood impacted areas. I’ll keep you updated on any progress.
Current eligibility criteria:

  • Households will be eligible to claim up to $500.
  • Small businesses, including primary producers and sole traders, will be eligible to claim up to $1,000.
  • You can only claim one rebate per address.
  • You can provide multiple receipts either online or in person through Service NSW for a one-off payment. You only have one opportunity to claim, you can’t make multiple claims.
  • To be eligible to claim a rebate your mouse baits, traps or cleaning materials must have been purchased on or after Monday 1 February 2021.

More information can be found on the NSW Government Mouse plague support program website.

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