Local Land Service Rates waived for 2021

18 March, 2021
Local Land Service Rates waived for 2021 Image


The announcement that Local Land Service Rates will be waived for a further 12 months is a welcome one.

This announcement will mean a bit more cash in farmers’ pockets as we continue to battle drought in some parts of Barwon - and recover from drought in other areas.

While some farmers have had a record grain harvest our communities have a long way to go in recovery. Cash flow into some farming businesses won’t return to normalcy for a number of seasons – this money will help to get people a bit further down the path of recovery.

Ratepayers will get a notice in the next few weeks letting them know that their rates have been waived.

When it comes to drought and drought support the NSW Government dropped the ball, but I must say the waiving of the Local Land Service rates is one of their better decisions it kept money in people’s bank accounts not in the Government’s coffers.

What we’re not seeing from the NSW Government now is a structured approach to drought and drought recovery being developed.

We know that we will end up back in drought one day the biggest cost of this recent drought would be to fail to learn from it and plan for the next one.

For more, see my recent Private Members Statement. 

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