I want to hear from you on sexual consent reforms

1 November, 2021
I want to hear from you on sexual consent reforms Image

The NSW Government has introduced legislation, which it says will make sexual consent laws easier to follow and ensure more effective prosecutions of sexual offences.

Attorney-General and Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence, Mark Speakman, has said the Bill will reinforce the “basic principle of common decency” that consent is a free choice involving mutual and ongoing communication, and that consent should not be presumed. The Bill makes clear that a person doesn't consent to sexual activity unless they said or did something to communicate consent.

An accused's belief that consent existed will not be reasonable in the circumstances unless the accused said or did anything – within a reasonable time before or at the time of the sexual activity – to find out whether the other person consents to the sexual activity.

This is a sensitive issue; I know people will have strong views on this topic. I am interested in hearing from you the people of Barwon about how you think I should vote on this piece of Legislation. If you would like more information look up the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Consent Reforms) Bill 2021.

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