Government must keep their promises

31 July, 2020
Government must keep their promises Image

Member for Barwon, Roy Butler has today launched a Government Promise Register, to ensure there is a public record of the promises NSW Government members and representatives are making to people in Barwon.

“Since the 2019 State election, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of MP’s and Ministers who have been traveling into Barwon.

“Sometimes they tell me they are coming, often they do not. When the Ministerial visits exceeded 400% of the same period in the previous year, we realised the people of Barwon had put us back on the map!

“Government representatives and Public Servants are travelling across Barwon more and more, meeting with various groups, organisations and individuals.

“When I swing back to these communities, people tell me that the politician who visited committed to do something for them. It may be providing information, it may be setting up a meeting, or it may be seeking funds, or providing funding for a community project.

“What I’m seeking to do with this register is provide a platform to log these promises in, so I can ensure the Government meets their commitment.

“My team has an excellent track record on following up on these commitments and ensuring any pledge is honoured, but we can only do that when we know about it!

“What really disappoints me is hearing from people that months ago a Government member promised to do something for them and they’re left hanging. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth when you hear the genuine disappointment from people when the Government has promised the world and delivered nothing – especially when it is a straightforward request.

“My team have set up an electronic form that allows people to jump online and record the commitment that was made, and enable us to ensure that the commitment is delivered. Anyone can access the form at

“When Ministers or Government representatives are in your area it’s the perfect time to ask them to do things. When something is delivered, smile (bump elbows for the moment, don’t shake hands), say thanks and ask for more. Then let me know about it through the promise register.”

If you find it easier to talk to someone, get in touch with your nearest office – Broken Hill 08 8087 3315, Cobar 02 6836 3722 or Narrabri 02 6792 1422

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