Cobar Miners’ Memorial project

9 November, 2020
Cobar Miners’ Memorial project Image

Barry Knight has been working tirelessly for years to erect a memorial to miners in the heritage Park at the eastern entrance to Cobar.

The project has received significant community support as well as Cobar Shire Council support in securing Federal and State Government grants to assist with the initiative.

The original design was revised in recent months and the new design has been described as simple, elegant and robust; marked by a symbolic entry to an underground that imitates walking into a mine tunnel.

The tunnel will be designed in the style of a mine tag board, where 225 brass plaques on the board will hold the names of miners who died in accidents while at work. Other local miners who died of mining related illnesses will also be remembered in the memorial.

Once complete, the memorial will provide the opportunity for the local community to honour the lost miners, give a reason to gather and support each other, and reflect on the pride it brings back to the industry and those who work in it.

For the many miners in Cobar and Barwon, it's a project that really deserves our support and respect.

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