Budget funding for school bus route extensions

2 December, 2020
Budget funding for school bus route extensions Image

Over the past 18 months I have been approached by numerous families across the electorate seeking to have school bus routes extended. The extension of these existing routes would drastically lessen the strain placed on these families. Some families who have reached out to me are having to drive their children up to 40km’s to the bus stop this places an enormous amount of both mental and financial pressure on these often young families.

It has been my pleasure to make representations on behalf of these families to the Minister Toole requesting assistance and guidance for these families. I was delighted to see in the 2020-21 Budget the allocation of $1.6 million towards bus services throughout NSW. This includes regional and metropolitan bus services, school services and funding of new and replacement buses.

I will be making further representations to Minister Toole on behalf of families across Barwon seeking an appropriate allocation of funds for our electorate. It is integral to building our communities for families with children to be able to readily access a school bus services, this entices new families to rural areas along with encouraging the next generation to return to Barwon.

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