Barwon Black Spots

18 July, 2020
Barwon Black Spots  Image

Since putting the call out to Barwon for information on Mobile Black Spots responses have been rolling in. 

At the bottom of this article is a list of all those areas people have contacted us about, if there's an area that you know about that's not on the list please email details through to [email protected]

A number of people have also got in contacted confused about why I am gathering this information when responsibility for telecommunications sits with the Federal Government. 

It comes back to a $400 million pot of money (the Regional Digital Connectivity program) the NSW Government announced in the lead up to the 2019 Election. 

The Regional Digital Connectivity program is divided into two parts - $100 million for the Gig State project in Dubbo, Wagga Wagga, Parkes and a now due to my lobbying a corridor west to Cobar. 

The bigger part of this program is the $300 million set aside for mobile black spot towers. 

In announcing this program the Deputy Premier said that although historically it was a federal responsibility, the state government had decided to step in because of the “urgent need for Internet and mobile connectivity in regional NSW”. Now I have to agree with the Deputy Premier on that one. 

If our communities are to prosper a fast and reliable telecommunications network is vital.

In making this announcement the Deputy Premier stated that the plan is to make NSW black spot free. 

So here's the start of what I am sure will be a bigger list of places that are in need of upgrading so NSW becomes black spot free! 


Local Government Area


Yearinan Valley Warrumbungle Shire Council 2357
Barrier Hwy- Silver City Hwy Broken Hill City Council 2880
Mount Manara/Cobb Hwy Central Darling Shire 2836
Milparinka  Unincorporated Far West 2880
Packsaddle  Unincorporated Far West 2880
Kaputar Rd Narrabri  Narrabri Shire Council 2390
Goorianawa Road  Warrumbungle Shire Council 2357
Gilgandra  Gilgandra Shire Council 2827
Tooraweenah/Tonderburine Gilgandra Shire Council 2827
Bearbung  Gilgandra Shire Council 2827
Collie  Gilgandra Shire Council 2827
Curban/Armatree Gilgandra Shire Council 2827
Cobar and Louth  Bourke Shire Council -Louth
Cobar Shire Council - Cobar
Castlereagh Hwy  Gilgandra Shire Council 2827
Tooraweenah  Gilgandra Shire Council 2817
Wambelong National Park Warrumbungle Shire Council 2357
Moree  Moree Plains Shire  2406
Mendooran  Warrumbungle Shire Council 2842
Neilrex Road Coolah Warrumbungle Shire Council 2843
River Rd Coonabarabran Warrumbungle Shire Council 2357
Kidman Way North of Cobar & Coolabah Rd Bogan Shire Council  2831
Condobolin  Lachlan Shire Council  2877
Lightning Ridge to Walgett  Walgett Shire Council 2832
Broken Hill to Mildura- Coombah Tower    
Leadville Warrumbungle Shire Council 2844
Tooraweenah Gilgandra Shire Council 2827
Gilgandra on the Newell/Tooraweenah Gilgandra Shire Council 2827
Golden Hwy     
Nyngan  Bogan Shire Council 2825
Condobolin  Lachlan Shire Council  2877
Menindee  Central Darling Shire  2879
Euabalong West  Cobar Shire Council 2877
Tilpa & Louth Rd  Central Darling Shire and Bourke Shire Council  
Milparinka Mt Shannon Tower  Unincorporated Far West 2880
The Kidman Way  Cobar Shire Council  
Burcher  Lachlan Shire Council  2671
Carinda  Walgett Shire Council 2831
35km east of Coonabarabran  Warrumbungle Shire Council   
Boona Rd Condobolin  Lachlan Shire Council  2877
Nevertire Warren Shire Council 2826
Boona Mount  Lachlan Shire Council  2877
Fifield Lachlan Shire Council  2875
Albert Lachlan Shire Council  2873
Burcher  Lachlan Shire Council  2671
Murrin Bridge  Lachlan Shire Council  2672
Kiacatoo Lachlan Shire Council  2877
Fairholme Lachlan Shire Council  2871
Louth  Bourke Shire Council    2840
Tibooburra Unincorporated Far West 2880
85 Guinema Rd Bugaldie Warrumbungle Shire Council 2357
Mt Wood Homestead 27KM East Tibooburra Unincorporated Far West 2880
Bugaldi  Warrumbungle Shire Council 2357
15km from Dunedoo Warrumbungle Shire Council 2844
Owen Downs Station Wanaaring Bourke Shire Council  2840
Guinema Rd Bugaldie Warrumbungle Shire Council 2357
Cobbora Warrumbungle Shire Council 2844
Menindee  Central Darling Shire  2879
Glenlyon Tower  Unincorporated Far West  2880
Willara Crossing/Yantabulla Road Bourke Shire Council 2840
15981 Barrier Highway/Emmdale Roadhouse Central Darling Shire 2836
Mount Hope Rd Coolah Warrumbungle Shire Council 2843
Lockerbie Road Dunedoo Warrumbungle Shire Council 2844
Timor Rd West of Coonabarabran Warrumbungle Shire Council 2357
Milparinka to Hawker Gate  Unincorporated Far West  
Goolhi Rd, Goolhi  Warrumbungle Shire Council 2379
5195 Warrumbungles Way  Warrumbungle Shire Council 2395
Wanaaring to Bourke and surrounds    
Hopbush Wallay Cockies Rd  Tottenham Lachlan Shire 2873
Balgay Bobadah Rd Tottenham  Bogan Shire Council 2873
Bearbong Gilandra Shire Council  2817
Kimbriki Monkey Bridge Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Compton D Tarcoon Byrock Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Yetta Dhi Aurther Hall VC Way Brewarrina Shire 2839
Bourimbla Boomi Billybingbone Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Cato Kamilaroi Highway Brewarrina Shire 2839
Carinya Goodooga Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Brenda Goodooga - Brenda Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Waratah Kahmoo - Dunsandle Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Kulkyne West Culgoa N Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Bora Bora Whyman Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Woolahra West Culgoa S Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Bukulla Bukulla - Brenda Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Mogila Goodooga - Hebel Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Pratts Hu Narran Lake Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Merringin Bukulla - Brenda Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839
Julievale Goodooga - Langboyd Rd Brewarrina Shire 2839


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