Assitance available during COVID-19

13 April, 2020
Assitance available during COVID-19 Image

This list will be updated as we gather more information. 

All information regarding assistance packages from the NSW Government can be found on the dedicated COVID-19 Financial Support page

Electricity Bills

If you're unable to pay your bill on time, contact your retailer to discuss options on how they can help. Their hardship policy outlines the options available. You may be able to delay payments or pay your bill off in smaller amounts.

The Australian Energy Council (AEC) has stated that: Energy retailers stand ready to provide scalable, accessible, and tailored assistance to all affected customers.  

  • In the first instance, customers should contact their retailer if they are worried about their ability to pay their bill as usual over the coming months. Retailers have a number of proactive assistance measures that will be available to any residential customer on request.
    • Proactive assistance measures will differ between retailers, but will include:
      • Payment extensions
      • Payment plans
      • Bill smoothing and other options to help customers avoid large bills
      • Assistance with accessing grants and concessions
      • Advice on how to manage your usage, including tips to lower your bills
  • For impacted residential customers who cannot pay their bills as they fall due, retailers will ensure there are no barriers to entering hardship programs, and ensure long term assistance is readily available on request. Impacted customers receiving hardship assistance will not be disconnected if they are unable to afford their energy bills.
  • For customers in the hardship program, AEC members will pause any external debt collection and bankruptcy proceedings, and will not charge any late fees if these customers cannot pay on time.



Postpaid Mobile - once off data add-on of 20GB in April

Prepaid Mobile - 10GB bonus data on a $40 recharge 

  • Users will be able to put their current plan on hold if there is no current need for the service.
  • Late payment fees, disconnections, and credit collection activities will be waived until 30 April 2020.


Postpaid Mobile and Mobile Broadband- 25GB of bonus data to be used within 30 days of activation 

Prepaid Mobile - 10GB bonus data on a $40 recharge 

Broadband - all plans to be upgraded to unlimited data until 30 April 2020.


Postpaid Mobile - once off data add-on of 5GB in April. Data overcharges to be charged at $1/GB 

Prepaid Mobile - 3GB bonus data on any recharge. 10GB bonus data on SMS opt-in 

Mobile broadband - data overcharges to be charged at $1/GB between 31 March and 5 May 2020.

NSW Government Rebates 

The NSW Government has over 70 rebates on offer. The Service NSW Tool finds rebates applicable to your circumstances. You can also visit a Service NSW shopfront for assistance. 

Emergency Assistance and Support

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