Butler calls on the NSW Government to waive car rego fees

24 April, 2020
Butler calls on the NSW Government to waive car rego fees  Image

Member for Barwon, Roy Butler is adding his voice to calls for car registration waivers saying motorists shouldn’t be slogged with car registration fees while we’re being told to stay off the roads.

“The cost of car registration is one of the big bills households face every year – alongside mortgages, rent, and energy bills.

“We’ve seen support announced by banks for mortgage holders, protections for renters announced by government, and energy companies supporting their customers with rebates and payment extensions.

“It’s time the NSW Government comes to the table and provides support directly to households by waiving car registration fees.

“For the average family car the cost of registration annually is about $540, made up of a registration fee and motor vehicle tax. Granting a 12-month waiver of one car registration per person in the next 12 months, would put this money back into people’s pockets, easing the cost of living burden for families.

“We know a lot of people are struggling financially at the moment, for some waiving registration costs won’t make a big difference, for others it could mean the difference between having food on the table.”

Leader of the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party, Robert Borsak weighed in on the debate.

"The Government needs to adopt a similar waiver for small businesses within the transport industry, some are paying for a vehicle that is just sitting in their driveway not being used.

“Small businesses such as truck owners, taxi owners and bus owners can pay upwards of $1,000 on registration fees.

“While rebates are great, the Government needs to be working on ways to keep money in these people’s pockets, so they can come back later,” Mr Borsak said.

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