Barwon MP Roy Butler calls on government to immediately fund rates relief

2 July, 2019

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MP, Roy Butler is calling on the NSW Government to provide immediate rates relief funding to local government.

“Rates relief funding to local government would greatly assist in reducing the financial pressure on our rural and regional communities,” Mr Butler said.

Across western NSW towns and communities are struggling through drought and as a result families and businesses are experiencing extreme financial pressure.

“Our communities are facing an economic crisis, there is simply not enough money flowing through our towns to keep them going.

“Getting cash back into people’s pockets through rates relief would free up some of their income to spend in local businesses. Ultimately helping to keep our country towns running,” Mr Butler said.

“Farmers, communities and local businesses don’t need more debt. They need money in their pockets. They need money in the local economy.”

Mr Butler quashed claims that providing this type of funding to local government is complex, and fraught with administrative concerns.

“Providing funding to local government to cover rates is not complex. It’s rather simple and could be done straightaway,” Mr Butler said.

“As our towns continue to struggle through this drought the government needs to step up and work quickly to get money flowing back into communities.

“Any future grant or funding for our drought affected communities should be delivered in such a manner that stimulates local economies, for example a voucher system designed to be used within local government areas.”

During the next sitting of Parliament, Mr Butler intends on moving a Notice of Motion calling on the NSW Government to fund rates relief, unless government acts immediately to provide this funding.

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