Telework bill isn't 'grand standing' - it's working for the bush

17 July, 2020
Telework bill isn't 'grandstanding' - it's working for the bush Image

In 2013, the Liberal-National Government pledged that it was the ‘decade of decentralisation’ – they pledged to slash office space in the Sydney CBD and move more public servants positions out to regional NSW.

Since then successive versions of Liberal-National Governments have failed in their pledge to decentralise public servants.

In fact, they’ve spent their time slashing jobs in the bush. You can read my speech about that Let's talk about jobs.

COVID-19 has shown that public servants can remain productive working from home – so why can’t their home be in Barwon?

Telework - working online from home - is a huge opportunity to decentralise government departments and create employment in regional NSW.

I’ve drafted a Bill, that would require the state government to assess more than 300,000 public sector positions for suitability for teleworking.

The Bill is weighted towards working in the regions. It bans a person based in a metropolitan area working in a job earmarked for a regional area, but permits working a Sydney job in a regional area.

On 14 July, the Northern Daily Leader published an article about my bill Shooters, Fishers and Farmers bill would force government to investigate working from home option for 300,000 public servants

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