Status Quo Drought Support

10 May, 2020
Status Quo Drought Support Image

Who else got excited over the weekend to read the headline ‘$310 million boost to NSW Drought Assistance’? I know I was, until I read what it means – the continuation of existing programs.

The Drought Transport subsidy, the waiving of Local Lands Services and other rates, water licence fee waivers, vehicle registration costs for primary producers, and counselling programs.

Yes, the new money means these programs can continue, and that takes some bill pressure off.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of the recycled announcements, they don’t go over well with me and they certainly have never gone over very well with an informed and intelligent farming community.

In this announcement, there are no new grants for sowing, despite the Government talk about the importance of getting a good crop in this year. It’s nice hearing my words echoed by the Government, it would be even better to hear them actually trump up some cash for our farmers.

There’s no new grants for restocking, there’s no Local Government Rates relief, there’s no assistance for our small businesses or those in the agriculture supply chain.

If this is the announcement we have been waiting for since December 2019, it’s hugely off the mark.

It will not facilitate the rapid re-invigoration of agriculture and communities we were hoping for.

All Drought Support can be accessed via the NSW Drought Hub.

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