SFF blocks Public Sector wage freeze

3 June, 2020
SFF blocks Public Sector wage freeze Image

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Upper House Members worked to block a wage freeze for Public Sector workers. This wage freeze would have cost country NSW $792,000,000.

Freezing the wages would have had a detrimental impact on our communities.

A report issued by The Australia Institute calculated the gross economic loss to regional NSW as result of the wage freeze to be $792 million dollars! That would mean $792 million less dollars in our communities.

The Government’s decision to try and freeze the wages of nurses, emergency service workers, teachers, and a whole raft of workers who kept services running while they keep us safe in the pandemic, is based around the creation of new jobs and boosting the economy.

When I asked the Treasurer what new jobs would be created in Barwon, or what projects he would be funding he couldn’t give me any assurances. He had absolutely no details on what he was proposing.

The reality is this money would go to city-centric infrastructure projects.

Ensuring people in our communities have money in their pockets, to spend at local businesses, is better for our communities.

Research has proven that for every million dollars spent by NSW Public Servants creates nearly twice as many jobs as one million dollars spent on construction activity.

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