Safety upgrades for iconic Little Topar Roadhouse

14 January, 2020
Safety upgrades for iconic Little Topar Roadhouse Image

The Little Topar Roadhouse is an iconic stop on the Barrier Highway – both truckies and caravaners alike find a good dinner, a hot shower and welcoming hosts when they stop in for the night.

The popularity of the roadhouse means that parking is often at a premium, with weary travellers and truck drivers competing for a space to stop overnight. For the truck drivers it’s a stop that’s required by law – the lack of space leaving them no option but to stop on the side of the road.

This practice, while it means they meet their rest requirements, is risky. A number of locals have expressed their concerns about the safety of the drivers and other road users.

I’ve brought this issue to the attention of the Minister for Regional Roads. Now that I have brought this issue to the attention of the NSW Government – Roads and Maritime Services are going to work with the owners of the Little Topar Roadhouse to explore options to improve safe parking.

If funding is needed, Roads and Maritime Services will recommend upgrades through the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity funding.

Keeping people safe on Barwon roads is a key focus of mine. I will continue to advocate for an upgrade to the heavy vehicle rest area at Little Topar, and any other infrastructure that’s needed to keep people safe on Barwon roads.

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