Roy Butler Final Week of 2023 Campaign

19 March, 2023
Roy Butler Final Week of 2023 Campaign Image

20TH March 2023


No More Neglect in Regional NSW


It is time for real, meaningful change for Regional, rural, and remote NSW. It is time for the blatant neglect and under resourcing to be acknowledged and acted upon. It is a time for government and agency accountability to set a clear direction for a brighter future for Barwon. That’s the goal of Mr Roy Butler MP if re-elected for the 58th NSW Parliament.


The existing unstructured approach to droughts and natural disasters, the steadily declining health outcomes for those in the bush, the lack of clear metrics to ensure the people in the communities of Barwon have access to the services we need, the continuing issues with education, connectivity, workforce, housing, and water security need to stop. We need action.


“These issues are continually raised by the communities of Barwon and Regional NSW. We’ve seen record funding for Barwon over the last four years and with another four, I know we can do more,” Mr Butler said.


The strategy we bring to the next four years, is to put hard-line accountability into the oversight of directly relevant New South Wales agencies. Ministerial accountability, including the setting of well-defined metrics, and a legislated requirement to explain why targets are not being met in front of the New South Wales Parliament. This will include regular reporting to local committees on any failures to provide services within their community and explanations of what it would take to fix those services.


“This is how we start to see real change in the way the government interacts with our communities. Ensuring genuine consultation and understanding of the unique setting that is regional, rural, and remote NSW. If re-elected, an independent member will be in a stronger position as a crossbencher to be heard and have the sway needed to make these changes a reality,” Mr Butler said.


“What I don’t want to see, is Barwon in opposition or with a member who will toe the party line and not stand firm for what is really needed.”


Mr Butler has been travelling the huge electorate of Barwon – covering over 44% of the state – for five years and worked in roles across western NSW for many years before that. He understands the issues on the ground and has real solutions to take to government, not just words and funding announcements contingent on one party forming government.


It’s not just the record increase in funding for the electorate of Barwon, for example, in the 16/17 financial year $132 million to the 22/23 financial year at $907million, it’s the ministerial attention that Mr Butler has brought to the electorate. This has been done through hard work, perseverance, determination and a real understanding of the electorate and its needs. Mr Butler hasn’t just lived in the electorate and travelled during his four-year term, but he has had over 17 years’ experience across multiple departments and agencies. This combined knowledge and expertise is how he knows how much he can still accomplish for Barwon.



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