Regional Health Inquiry to visit more towns in Barwon

15 April, 2021
Regional Health Inquiry to visit more towns in Barwon Image

I’m on the record many times saying the Regional Health Inquiry that’s currently going on is a once in a generation opportunity to change health, health outcomes and health services in the Bush.

I’ve said that to you the people of Barwon and I’ve also said that to the Members of Parliament on the Health Inquiry. I’ve implored the Inquiry to not make this Inquiry a political football and to do a proper job. We need prospective, positive, forward looking recommendations out of this Inquiry.

In my opinion doing a proper job means getting out into our communities. They’d always planned to do regional visits but I felt the original list of places fell short - they were only visiting one place in western NSW.

Both myself and a number of Councils wrote to the committee asking that they visit more places and go further west. Due to the pressure the committee will now be heading out to Broken Hill, Walgett and Cobar along with more towns outside of Barwon.

The committee will visit:

  • Deniliquin - 29 April
  • Cobar - 30 April
  • Wellington - 18 May
  • Dubbo - 19 May
  • Gunnedah and Taree - 16 June
  • Lismore - 17 June
  • Tumut - 5 October
  • Wagga - 6 October
  • Walgett - 2 November
  • Broken Hill - 3 November

Along with holding more hearings in Sydney. For all the information on the Inquiry visit the NSW Parliament website.

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