Nominate now - NSW Blue Plaques program

1 October, 2021
Nominate now - NSW Blue Plaques program Image

Nominations for the Blue Plaque Heritage Program opened last week and I’m asking the people in Barwon to nominate local places and personalities that have special significance to their community’s heritage.

We’re looking for inspiring, important stories that connect us with places and events. They can relate to Aboriginal people, migrant heritage, social movements and change, wartime history, industrial progress, arts and culture, sport, historic events that have shaped your area or your local heroes.

The Blue Plaque is an internationally recognised way of promoting significant heritage places, people and stories. The NSW initiative is inspired by the Blue Plaques Program in the United Kingdom.
Behind every plaque there is a story – a digital story will be linked to each Blue Plaque.

Constituents are able to nominate people, events and stories associated with a place to be considered for Blue Plaques to their Member of Parliament. It’s a very short window for nominations this time around. An open nomination process is expected to be announced in 2022. My office will forward the completed nomination forms to [email protected] by 31 October 2021. The Treasurer and Special Minister of State will approve the final selection.
Just as an example, the first Blue Plaque in New South Wales will recognise children’s author, May Gibbs’ studio, where she wrote about Snuggle pot and Cuddle pie in their bush fairyland.

So c’mon Barwon, please let me know where you would like a Blue Plaque in your community. Complete the form on the Heritage NSW website. 

Send your completed forms to my office by emailing [email protected]

If you have any questions about the Blue Plaque Program, please email Heritage NSW at [email protected] or phone 02 9873 8620.


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