Let’s get the Wool Track fully sealed

8 June, 2020
Let’s get the Wool Track fully sealed  Image

The Wool Track project has been a topic of discussion for many years with the Cobar, Balranald and Central Darling Shires. The Wool Track is an important regional road between Cobar and Balranald via Ivanhoe.

Sealing this road in full would provide an alternate weather route and open up a new gateway to the far west region of NSW for tourism.

A sealed Wool Track would mean a shortened route between South Australia and Queensland, which would be a big time saving and operational cost saving for heavy vehicles.

This project would also provide 60 full-time positions for the duration of the project and through ongoing maintenance and repairs.

I've been working hard to lobby the Government to provide the funding for this project. The road sealing is not only an important project for the surrounding communities and transport companies but also to open up the west for tourists. With a high flow of traffic using this much needed road the towns will see an increase in visitors, who will in turn spend their time and money in these unique townships.



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