Inquiry into support for Regional and Rural Learner Drivers in NSW

29 March, 2021
Inquiry into support for Regional and Rural Learner Drivers in NSW Image

The Joint Standing Committee on Road Safety - of which I am a member - is looking at the support learner drivers in rural and regional NSW need in order to meet the requirements for getting a driver licence.

I know young people in the bush can face greater challenges when it comes to meeting the requirements to get their L plates. This can have a huge impact on their ability to get an after school or weekend job, participate in sports and education opportunities.

The inquiry is calling for ideas on how to address issues such as limited access to training and licensing services. It also includes looking at how driver simulators and other technology could assist learners.

The Committee wants to hear from individuals and community groups in rural and regional NSW about their experiences of obtaining a driver licence and how it can be improved.

Please make a submission, which can be a few line telling the Committee about your experience here.

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