19 July, 2023
Commercial Kitchen for Line of Lode Reserve Image

18 July 2023

New commercial kitchen for Line of Lode reserve


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The Line of Lode Reserve is a tourist attraction like no other. It is a man-made hill dominating the centre of Broken Hill, topped by a Miner’s Memorial and the Broken Earth Complex, which used to feature a unique dining experience with a spectacular view of the surrounding town and landscape beyond. The restaurant has been idle for several years, which has meant some missed opportunities for tourism in the city, but that will soon change with funding announced for the installation of a new commercial kitchen at the site.


The NSW Government will fund the kitchen, and associated improvements to the Line of Lode Reserve at Broken Hill, to support its role as a tourist attraction. Crown Lands in the Department of Planning and Environment has awarded a contract for the project to Broken Hill company Mathew Barratt Electrical (MBE Pty Ltd).


The upgrade will include:


  • Construction of an interior kitchen space at the reserve’s Broken Earth Complex including wall linings and finishes; kitchen joinery, fixtures and services; and window blinds.
  • Supply and installation of commercial grade cooking equipment including ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers and food warmers.
  • Supply and installation of commercial furniture to provide dining and seating areas.
  • Installation of an operable wall to cater for storage and also different size functions.


The latest improvements follow the completion of upgrades to the reserve in February that provided a redesigned and expanded Broken Earth Complex with new amenities; landscaped the reserve including native plantings, footbridges, granite pavements, stone clad retaining walls, concrete bleacher seating and automated irrigation; and installed a reticulated water system for the reserve.


Member for Barwon Roy Butler said:


“This is something that my team and I have been talking to the local community about. This project will deliver an improved and more versatile Broken Earth Complex to support one of Broken Hill’s key attractions. This kitchen will help attract someone to operate what could be one of the best dining experiences in NSW.”


“The Line of Lode has great tourism appeal with its prominent location, amazing views and meaningful role as a miners’ memorial of great relevance to the region.”


“I can remember sitting in that restaurant watching the sun set over Broken Hill, an unforgettable experience. I look forward to seeing the restaurant reopen.”


Minister for Lands and Property Steve Kamper said:

“The Line of Lode is one of NSW’s most unique Crown land reserves and installation of a commercial kitchen will assist efforts to lease the Broken Earth Complex for use as a restaurant, café, art gallery and functions to support regional tourism.”

“This project will support local jobs and the Far West economy.”



Troy Lennon | Roy Butler | 0447 381 148

Holli Thomas | Roy Butler | 0448 092 930

Jonathan Symons | Minister Kamper | 0407 488 158





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