Celebrating our amazing Broken Hill volunteers

19 February, 2020
Celebrating our amazing Broken Hill volunteers Image

This year as part of the NSW Seniors Festival I am recognising the volunteer efforts of some of our remarkable seniors. They're those selfless individuals who donate their time, energy and efforts to volunteering in our communities.

At a small morning tea at my office in Broken Hill I was able to recognise the following remarkable people, who have been nominated by their peers for the work they do to make our communities good places to live. 

To all those who received awards, thank you for your tireless efforts. To all our volunteers you're truly fantastic people - thank you!

Mr Michael Haring

Michael is a valued member of St John Ambulance Broken Hill NSW Cadet Division. He has been a volunteer and affiliate member since 2003. Michael often volunteers his time with St John Ambulance in the form of BBQ fundraisers for the local cadet division and is always willing to give a helping hand wherever needed.

Mrs Sandra Haring

Sandra has been volunteering for the community for 50 years, most significantly through volunteer work with the St John Ambulance Broken Hill NSW. Sandra has been Superintendent of the Broken Hill Cadet Division for 30 years. Sandra’s tireless efforts have earned her a Centenary Medal and most recently she was awarded Broken Hill Citizen of the Year 2020.

Mr Warren Darke

Warren has had various volunteer roles since his arrival in Broken Hill in 1979. Working with many organisations in Broken Hill including but not limited to the Scout Association of Australia, Lions club of Broken Hill, local sports affiliations and much more.

Mr Christopher Webb

Christopher has been a devoted member of the St John Ambulance Broken Hill NSW Cadet Division since 1999 and was formally a Scout Club Leader for many years. He is always willing to help out through his volunteer and fundraising work in any way he can.

Mr Trevor Murphy

Trevor has been a member of the St John Ambulance Broken Hill NSW Adult and Cadet Divisions since 1990. He completes over 800 voluntary hours each year. He has worked tirelessly over the years with many organisations including the SES and continues to provide much needed support to his community through his efforts.

Mrs Yvonne Lehman

Yvonne is an active member of the Anglican Church filling positions teaching Sunday School and administrative duties. She has also been a member of the Philharmonic Society for over 28 years. Yvonne has also worked in conjunction with the local Morgan Street School in the canteen and the local P&C.

Mrs Merita Nicholas

Since moving to Australia Merita immediately commenced volunteer work joining the Filipino dance and support group, the Catholic Church and helping with local events. She was a foundation member and treasurer of the Broken Hill Multi Cultural Centre for 10 years. Merita continues to provide exceptional support to her community.

Ms Fiona Zahra

Fiona is a valued member of the St John Ambulance Broken Hill NSW Cadet Division and loves working with the youth of Broken Hill as shown by her volunteer work at many of the local school canteens and sporting establishments as well as helping out with fundraising events and much more.

Ms Lynette Smith

Lynette has been assisting the St John Ambulance Broken Hill NSW Cadet Division for 16 years, through fundraising efforts and volunteering at the local canteens. Lynette also volunteered for many years with the St James second-hand mart, the Broken Hill Darts Association. Lynette is always willing to help out those who ask especially with fundraising efforts.

Mrs Elaine Walburn

Elaine has used her homemaking and craft skills to hand make stuffed animals the Paramedics to give to children as a means of calming during what can be a traumatic experience. Elaine has also donated her time to creating detailed greeting cards for members of Australia’s Defence Forces on overseas deployment, whilst also donating her time to bake homemade cakes for the local Broken Hill Fire Brigade.

Mrs Joan Webb

Joan Webb has been a active member of the St John Ambulance Broken Hill NSW since 1994. Joan has been dedicated to providing volunteer service to Broken Hill in many ways, through local fundraisers and events. Over many years Joan has generously donated her time to provide a wide range of volunteer services to the local community.

Mrs Elaine Johns

Elaine Johns has been volunteering for her local community with many local organisations including the South Broken Hill Football Club, The Broken Hill Hospital Kiosk Auxiliary and many more. In 2018, she received the Australia Day Senior Citizen Volunteer of the year award. Elaine donates her time doing whatever is needed, whenever she can and continues to provide a great service to her local community.

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