Beware! Scammers are out there

6 December, 2020
Beware! Scammers are out there Image

As we approach Christmas I would like to issue a timely reminder to people of the financially devastating effect that scammers can have on a community.

Whether it is a Business, Charity or Individual effected, the people behind scams are ruthless convincing and often very targeted in who they scam. Currently there is a scam circulating targeting charities who have advertised in reputable publications. Scammers are able to get the charities contact information from the advertisement. They then send false invoices for advertisements they claim have been placed in other publications, this includes following up with threats of debt recovery.

If you receive an invoice requesting payment for something you do not recall signing up for or you are not sure about please contact my office by emailing or use the link below and please do not ever hand over of personal details or issue payment for work you have not agreed to.

For more information about how to recognise, avoid and report scams visit the Scamwatch website

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