Barwon Black Spots – Update

10 September, 2020
Barwon Black Spots – Update  Image

At the beginning of July I asked about places or regions that need a more reliable source of connectivity. This included unreliable mobile coverage, little to no coverage or known mobile black spots.

The responses from this have been enormous and I thank you for taking the time to contact me and provide me with this information.

Since then my team and I have been working tirelessly on a plan to get us the reception we all deserve. Below is a map of black spot information we have collected since July, Yes it would have been easier to mark the places that don’t have black spots!

My team and I are now working with the Helen Dalton the Member for Murray to put forward a united front for western NSW and all regional communities. 

Currently mobile coverage just isn’t good enough in regional NSW. It not only effects those living in the communities who are unable to rely on their mobile coverage. It also effects tourism in these areas, most people won’t take the risk of traveling somewhere new if they know if something were to go wrong they might not be able to contact someone or help.

My office will continue to advocate for upgrades for these locations and black spots in Barwon, if you have questions, please contact Grace in my Broken Hill Office on (08) 8087 3315.


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