Aussie Helpers and their legacy

12 October, 2020
Aussie Helpers and their legacy Image

It was wonderful to meet Katie, Merrilyn and Kelly from Aussie Helpers based in Dubbo and learning of their efforts and hard work in helping our farmers out on the land with stock feed, food boxes, fuel, clothing and toys.

Brian Egan, a co-founder of Aussie Helpers always came through for me when I had run out of options to help people. Sadly, Brian passed away recently. That has only made the team at Aussie Helpers more determined to follow through on his vision.

The Aussie Helpers charity started as a $20 grocery raffle in a Darling Downs supermarket in 2002 and has since grown to become one of Australia’s largest rural charities. The charity is also immensely grateful for the community’s continued support, paving the way for our farmers’ recoveries.

I would like to say a big thank you to the hardworking staff as well as volunteers at Aussie Helpers in Dubbo and other parts of the country for their dedication and continued support in helping our farmers and their families during droughts and other natural disasters. The depot doors are always open for our farmers, even it’s simply over a cuppa and a chat.

To help support Aussie Helpers, or if you need a hand up, please contact 1300 665 232, or visit the website at

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