Animal Welfare Reform - Important consultation if you own animals

5 September, 2021
Animal Welfare Reform - Important consultation if you own animals Image

If you like chucking a line in on the weekend, farm animals, or own a family pet – the Animal Welfare Reform is something that needs your attention.

If it’s flown under your radar – it’s because it was meant to – the Government designed it that way.

So what’s going on – following a limited consultation on an Animal Welfare Reform Issues Paper that was not widely made available, and a Committee of Inquiry into Animal Cruelty run by the Animal Justice Party, which made wide-ranging recommendations that were based primarily on the Animal Rights agenda – a large series of proposals were developed by the Department of Primary Industries.

The proposals recommend that the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTAA) be rewritten to reflect a number of principles promoted by animal rights organisations.

Now, I will state that cruelty to animals in any form is simply not on. But the animal rights agenda has a very extremist view when it comes to farming – many of them just don’t like it. And that’s the problem with this reform, the people that have been involved are majority from animal welfare organisations and activist bodies.

It is very important that this review actually hear from people who farm animals – we all know how much farmer’s value and look after their stock – the review needs to hear that.

The SFF has fought for an extension on this consultation so we can tell people what’s going on and make sure our voices are heard.

You now have until 17 September to have your say.

Have a read of the discussion paper and make a submission here:

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