Barwon MP Roy Butler calls for changes to weight requirements for harvested kangaroo carcasses

5 June, 2019
Barwon MP Roy Butler calls for changes to weight requirements for harvested kangaroo carcasses Image

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party MP, Roy Butler is calling on the NSW Government to lower the minimum harvested kangaroo carcase weight to 13kg to encourage commercial harvesting.

Across western NSW, kangaroos are suffering unnecessarily slow cruel deaths due to the lack of water and feed available.

Despite a fall in red kangaroo population reported by the Office of Environment and Heritage, estimated numbers of grey kangaroos has increased . The high kangaroo numbers have failed to be managed by current commercial harvesting rules.

Member for Barwon, Roy Butler said commercial harvesting is a safe and humane way of reducing kangaroo numbers, reducing the minimum carcase weight to 13kg would encourage this method of reduction.

“Farmers are already under immense pressure to manage what little feed and water they have for remaining stock – without kangaroos placing more pressure on their supplies,” Mr Butler said.

“We’re seeing mass dying events of kangaroos across the west due to the prevailing dry conditions – its time the government looks at what it can do to manage this situation in a humane manner.

“The Pastoralists’ Association of West Darling have been trying to get the government to make changes to assist in managing kangaroo numbers for some time now, with limited response from government. Their calls come after some rather distressing kangaroo deaths on their member’s properties.

“Reducing the carcase weight requirement is one way the government can support farmers and regional communities in managing this issue.

“The alternative is we stand by and watch farmers and their livestock, and kangaroos continue to unnecessarily suffer in the face of this ongoing drought.”

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Background note
Conditions attached to commercial harvest licences during 2017 required that kangaroo carcases delivered to chillers for sale were not to weigh less than 14 or 15 kilograms. (The two different values reflect differences in the way the carcases are dressed). Before 1 January 2008, the minimum carcase weights were 12 and 13 kilograms, respectively

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